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Stage Amplifier

Q.Are there any cautions that I should take when attaching the SA-300's upper unit to the SS-115B speaker stand?

A.Using the SS-115B speaker stand (sold separately), you can mount the SA-300 at an appropriate height for use as a monitor or small PA unit. When doing so, please observe the following cautions:

  • The SA-300 is designed for use only with a speaker stand (SS-115B) made by Roland Corporation. Do not use any other stand.
  • Adjust the speaker stand to a height of 140 cm or less and a leg width of 120 cm or greater, as shown in the diagram below.

  • If you use the speaker stand at a height greater than 140 cm and/or a leg spread less than 120 cm, the speaker is at risk of toppling over, potentially causing personal injury and damage to your equipment.
  • When using the SS-115B speaker stand with the SA-300, place it on a stable, horizontal surface. Do not place it in an unstable location or on a tilted surface.
  • Allow sufficient slack in the cables that are connected to the SA-300 in order to prevent accidents that may be caused by tripping over them.
  • To prevent accidents due to falling, do not place any object on top of an SA-300 installed on a speaker stand.


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