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Stage Amplifier

Q.Can I get a well-balanced tone from the SA-300 if I use only the upper unit (i.e., without the lower subwoofer unit) as a monitor amp?

A.Yes. The SA-300 produces the best sound when both the upper and lower (subwoofer) units are used together. However, the upper unit can be used by itself in applications that require a small monitor, such as for on-stage monitoring.

When the upper unit is used by itself, it functions as a powerful monitor amp with a flat response from the low to high ranges. It contains a pair of 16 cm coaxial two-way speakers driven by a stereo amp system with ample power (75W x 2). When the subwoofer is connected to the upper unit, it amplifies the lower frequencies while the upper unit handles the rest of the frequencies.

Note: The self-analyzing Anti-Feedback function operates whether the subwoofer is connected or not.

The bottom surface of the upper unit has a hole (38mm in diameter) for attachment to the Roland SS-115B speaker stand. You can insert the SS-115B directly into the upper unit and place it at the vocalist or instrumentalist ear level for convenient monitoring.

For your reference:
For cautions when installing the SA-300's upper unit on the SS-115B speaker stand, refer to:
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Are there any cautions that I should take when attaching the SA-300's upper unit to the SS-115B speaker stand?


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