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Stage Amplifier

Q.How does the SA-300's anti-feedback system prevent feedback?

A.The SA-300's Anti-Feedback function incorporates the following processes to automatically eliminate feedback and create a feedback-free sound system.

Dynamic Function

  1. Dynamic Function 1-suppresses feedback that occurs when there is no sound input into the microphone. This type of feedback (when the performer is away from the mic) is suppressed by a special filter that automatically detects the feedback point.
  2. Dynamic Function 2—prevents sudden feedback from occurring while the mic is in use. An extremely narrow filter automatically eliminates sudden feedback that can occur when the acoustical environment changes or when the mic is moved, all while minimizing the impact on the tonal characteristics of the sound.

Safety Margin Function

  1. Safety Margin Function—uses automatically calibrated conditions to help eliminate feedback. The frequencies at which feedback is likely to occur will depend on the position of the mic and the SA-300 (speaker), and on the output level setting of the SA-300. These frequencies are detected beforehand by the SA-300, and a sufficient safety margin (a margin of gain until feedback occurs) is allocated at these points.
    It takes only a few seconds from analysis to allocation of the safety margin. Since special filters are applied at each feedback point, this provides a stable sound system with minimal effect on the tonal character.
SA-300 Anti-Feedback Buttons and correspondent functions:
  • ON/OFF button--Turns the Dynamic functions on/off.
  • SWEEP button--Operates the Safety Margin function.


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