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Stage Amplifier

Q.What functionality does the SA-300 provide for on-stage monitoring of vocals and instruments?

A.The SA-300 provides the following useful functions that musicians will find convenient when monitoring vocals and instruments such as acoustic guitars.

  1. Anti-Feedback function
    Conventional PA systems generally require performers using mics to stand behind speakers to avoid feedback. This makes it difficult to hear the sound from the speakers, so comfortable monitoring impossible. The SA-300's Anti-Feedback function suppresses feedback, allowing performers to monitor the sound in comfort, even when standing in front of the speakers.

    At a single touch, the SA-300 produces a series of test tones and automatically makes the appropriate feedback-suppression settings. In just a few seconds, you can automatically eliminate feedback and obtain an ideal monitoring environment for your mic position.
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  2. High-tech lightweight design and two-piece component structure
    With the SA-300, we've succeeded in reducing the total weight of the speaker unit to less than half that of comparable existing models. In addition, the speaker has a far more powerful magnetic field than comparable models and delivers greater perceived loudness than its wattage would indicate. Cutting-edge technology is used in the power supply and power amp to create a dramatic reduction in weight. Furthermore, the cabinet separates into compact upper and lower units for easy transportation.

    If desired, you can use the upper unit alone—without the lower (subwoofer) unit—as a convenient small monitor for stage monitoring and other sound applications. Use the SS-115B Speaker Stand (sold separately) to mount the upper unit in such applications.
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  3. Ample power and a variety of input types
    The SA-300 features a total output of 350 W (75 W x 2 stereo upper unit + 200 W subwoofer), and is designed to deliver high quality sound that "cuts through" in live performance situations, maximizing the performance of vocals and musical instruments.

    The SA-300 features four input channels, all of which handle stereo input. Additionally, all are compatible with microphones as well as line-level equipment. The SA-300 also provides phantom power for two mic inputs.

  4. Voice Enhancer
    Channels 1 and 2 on the SA-300 feature a Voice Enhancer function. When the Voice Enhancer is activated, the vocal sound of a connected mic becomes more defined and present.
  5. Volume control from a pedal
    You can connect an optional expression pedal (EV-5, etc.) and use your foot to control the SA-300's MASTER volume.

  6. High-quality Delay and Reverb effects
    You can apply Delay (Channels 1 and 2) and Reverb (Channels 1, 2, 3, and 4) to each channel independently. This allows you to set the ideal ambience for each channel, as appropriate for the acoustics of the performing space and the instruments you're using.


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