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Stage Amplifier

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Q.What functionality does the SA-300 provide for on-stage monitoring of vocals and instruments?


The SA-300 provides the following useful functions that ・・・

Q.I understand that the SA-300's anti-feedback setting can be made quickly and automatically. How does this actually work?


The SA-300's Anti-Feedback function is a unique Roland design, ・・・

Q.How does the SA-300's anti-feedback system prevent feedback?


The SA-300's Anti-Feedback function incorporates the following ・・・

Q.Can I get a well-balanced tone from the SA-300 if I use only the upper unit (i.e., without the lower subwoofer unit) as a monitor amp?


Yes. The SA-300 produces the best sound when both the upper ・・・

Q.The SA-300's speaker grille appears to be made of foam, and I'm worried that it may not protect the speakers during transport. Is there anything else protecting the speakers?


Yes. The SA-300's speaker grille is a high-quality design ・・・

Q.Are there any cautions that I should take when attaching the SA-300's upper unit to the SS-115B speaker stand?


Using the SS-115B speaker stand (sold separately), you can ・・・

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