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Digital Snake Remote Controller

Q.What can I control using the S-4000R Remote Controller?

A.The S-4000R is a remote controller for the S-4000 Digital Snake System. You can connect it to either the S-4000S or the S-4000H.

Use the S-4000R to control the following functions:

  • S-4000S input channels
    The S-4000R provides controls for the S-4000S's input channels. You can adjust the preamp gain, switch the phantom power and pad on/off, and link odd/even adjacent channels. Additionally, you can save all S-4000S channel settings in 10 memory locations for later recall.
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  • Checking the input level
    The S-4000R's eight-segment LED level meter allows you to view the input level of the currently selected channel. Use this meter in conjunction with the GAIN control to adjust the input gain of S-4000S input channels.
  • Input signal status (SIG)
    These indicators show the signal status of each input channel, and light green when signal levels above -40 dB are present.
  • Clip indicator (CLIP)
    A clip indicator is provided for each input channel. The indicators light red when the input signal reaches 0 dB.
  • Lock function
    A lock function is provided so that S-4000S settings can't be changed inadvertently.
    In addition to the above functions, the S-4000R provides error indications when a problem is detected in the system.
By using the S-4000 Remote Control Software (S-4000 RCS), you can remotely control and monitor the S-4000 System from a computer equipped with an RS-232C port.

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