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Rotary Ensemble

Q.What sounds does the RT-20's rotary speaker effect simulate? What variations are available?

A.The RT-20 uses Roland's COSM technology to model the famous sound of the LESLIE 122 rotary speaker and the vintage UniVibe rotary speaker simulator made popular in the 1960s and ‘70s. Using the MODE switch, you can achieve many rotary and overdrive sound variations.

The company and product names presented here are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. These names are used only to describe the sounds that each COSM effect type simulates.

MODEAbout the modes:
I This mode combines the standard LESLIE 122 sound with natural overdrive.
II This mode provides a close-miked LESLIE 122 with natural overdrive. The close-miking creates a more present tremolo effect.
III This mode combines a LESLIE 122 with the distortion of a vintage Marshall 1959 amp. This provides a new sound with an intense distortion that could not be obtained in a conventional system.
IV This mode combines the UNI-V (UniVibe) effect model with a distorted Marshall 1959 amp.


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