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Rotary Ensemble

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Q.What sounds does the RT-20's rotary speaker effect simulate? What variations are available?


The RT-20 uses Roland's COSM technology to model the famous ・・・

Q.How does the RT-20's Virtual Rotor display work, and what does it show?


The RT-20's Virtual Rotor display shows the status of the ・・・

Q.What settings can I adjust on the RT-20’s rotary effect? How can I edit the settings?


The RT-20 allows you to adjust many different rotary speaker ・・・

Q.Which expression pedals are compatible with the RT-20?


The following expression pedals are compatible with the RT-20: ・・・

Q.What can I do with an expression pedal connected to the RT-20?


By connecting an optional expression pedal (e.g., the Roland ・・・

Q.How should I use the RT-20’s two pedals?


Use the RT-20's two pedals as follows. ・・・

Q.Can I temporarily stop and restart the rotation of the RT-20's rotary effect using the RT-20’s foot pedals?


The RT-20’s BRAKE function allows you to stop the motion of ・・・

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