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Acoustic Drum Trigger

Q.Are the RT-10K, RT-10S, and RT-10T drum triggers compatible with mesh heads?

A.Yes. The RT-10K, RT-10S, and RT-10T drum triggers can be used with mesh heads as well as with normal drumheads made for acoustic drums.

  • Roland has tested and confirmed compatibility of the RT-10K/RT-10S/RT-10T with Roland-made mesh heads.
  • This FAQ does not guarantee that the RT-10K/RT-10S/RT-10T models will operate correctly with all mesh heads or silent heads.
  • For details on the Roland products that are compatible with the RT-10K/RT-10S/RT-10T, refer to the related FAQ:
    Which Roland products are compatible with the RT-10K/RT-10S/RT-10T?


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