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Q.How do I set my Roland editor software to communicate with my keyboard/sound module so that I can edit sounds from the PC?


Many Roland keyboards and sound modules come with ・・・

Q.Does the JUNO-D have a function that allows you to play a preset chord voicing by pressing a single key?


Yes. The JUNO-D’s "multi-chord memory" function allows ・・・

Q.I installed the driver in my Macintosh, but an error massage saying "Unable to use the function extension” appeared.


When the OS X driver included with your product is installed ・・・

Q.When I playback a MIDI song using an XP/XV/RS/JUNO/JV/Fantom-series instrument, only one instrument plays. Why does this happen?


Most likely, Patch mode has been selected by mistake. ・・・

Q.In Macintosh OS 9, how can I see that my MIDI device is working correctly?


Use the [Apple System Profile] window to check that a MIDI ・・・

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