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Rhythm Coach

Q.What sounds does the RMP-5's metronome produce? What kinds of rhythms are available?

A.The RMP-5's metronome allows you to select 24 different rhythm types, and 24 time signatures (including compound meters). The RMP-5 incorporates fifteen realistic metronome click sounds as well.

In addition, there are 22 types of backing percussion patterns, such as Samba Kick and Jazz Legato, which include drum set and percussion accompaniments. This allows for rhythm practice in a musical context.

  1. You can adjust the metronome settings while the metronome is on, allowing you to hear your changes immediately.
  2. CLICK SOUND: If you're not using the OUTPUT jacks, the RMP-5’s mini-speaker will produce a beep tone. You can choose Beep Tone 1 or 2.
  3. CLICK VOLUME: If you're not using the OUTPUT jacks, use CLICK VOLUME to adjust the volume of the beep tone. You can choose volume levels from 0 to 3.


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