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Rhythm Coach

Q.The RMP-5 allows me to add kick and cymbal pads so that I can practice with a drum kit configuration. How do I set this up?

A.The RMP-5 features a trigger input jack that allows you to connect optional pads - such as the KD-8 Kick Trigger Pad and CY-8 Cymbal Pad ? to play kick and cymbal sounds along with the RMP-5’s snare pad. This allows you to practice in a drum kit configuration.

Connect an optional PCS-31L cable to the RMP-5's EXT TRIG IN jack to connect both a cymbal and kick. In the following example, we’ll connect the CY-8 and KD-8.

Connecting the cymbal pad:
Connect the left jack (black color) of the optional PCS-31L cable to the cymbal pad’s output jack.

Connecting the kick trigger pad:
Connect the right jack (red color) of the PCS-31L cable to the kick trigger pad output jack.

  • When you press the pedal, "EXT2" will light.
  • Press [METRONOME] several times to select "1"(PAD SOUND), and use [+]/[-] to change the sound.

  1. The RMP-5 must be set as follows.
    Input mode:
    Trigger type: EXT1: 、EXT2:
    *This is the factory setting.
  2. Use a PCS-31L cable (with L-shaped plugs) to connect the cymbal pad. If you use a PCS-31 cable (with I-shaped plugs), the cable’s plug may impede the movement of the CY-8 during playing.
  3. If both the cymbal pad and kick trigger pad are connected to the EXT TRIG IN jack, the "edge shot" and "choke" playing techniques on the cymbal pad are not available.


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