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Rhythm Coach

Q.What types of rhythm practice functions does the RMP-5 provide that are not available on the RMP-3?

A.The RMP-5 incorporates the same five rhythmic practice programs that the RMP-3 provides. However, the following enhanced functions are also incorporated for more rhythm practice variations.

    Enhanced TIME CHECK function

  • The RMP-5 can check the timing of quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes, and triplets as well. (The RMP-3 only checks quarter note timing.)
  • Anytime you set the RMP-5 to Rhythm Coach mode, the Time Check results are always shown in the display. (On the RMP-3, this is shown only when Time Check is selected.)

    ACCURACY SCORE function and scoring enhancements

  • The RMP-3 provides timing accuracy scoring ("E-S", "H-S") only when the Time Check function is active. On the RMP-5, you can get this scoring with the new independent Accuracy Score function.
  • On the RMP-3, timing accuracy scoring (using Time Check) is fixed at a duration of 8 measures. Using the Accuracy Score function on the RMP-5, the duration is selectable from 4, 8, 16, and 32 measures.

    * Accuracy Score displays your score to indicate how closely your playing matches the time signature of the metronome.

    AUTO UP/DOWN incorporates a new Speed Check function

  • In addition to the five AUTO UP/DOWN exercise variations provided on the RMP-3, the RMP-5 adds a new Speed Check variation that gradually raises the tempo once you can play the current tempo with accurate timing.

    * The Auto Up/Down function automatically changes the metronome speed while you practice, making it ideal for improving your playing endurance.


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