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Rhythm Coach

Q.How should I adjust the tension of the RMP-3's mesh head?

A.The RMP-3's mesh head is shipped in a loosened state to prevent damage during transportation.
Before using the RMP-3, you must adjust the head tension by turning the tuning bolts with the supplied tuning key.

Be aware of the following points when adjusting the tension (tuning) of the mesh head:

  • Adjust the tension gradually and evenly at each tuning bolt. The goal is to produce equal tension at each tuning bolt. If the tension is not even, the RMP-3 may not produce a good sound, and the Coach function may not operate correctly.
  • While using a stick to strike the head, adjust the head’s tension to provide the desired amount of bounce-back.
  • The sound quality you get when you strike the RMP-3’s head is affected by the head tension. Adjust the tension to produce the desired tone. You may find it easier to detect the tonal change if you monitor the RMP-3 with headphones.
  • Over time, the mesh head’s tension may loosen. Re-adjust the tension when necessary.


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