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Rhythm Coach

Q.What kinds of practice exercises does the RMP-3's Rhythm Coach function provide?

A.The following five rhythmic training variations are available using the RMP-3's Rhythm Coach function.

    Strike the pad according to the metronome timing, and visually check how well your timing matches.

    On the RMP-3, you can select the following four exercise variations.


    Quiet Count helps you improve your timing accuracy by providing a metronome pattern that plays for a certain number of measures, and then drops out (the "quiet count"). First, you play along with the metronome as a guide, and then play a specified number of measures on your own without the guide (see the example above). If your timing is accurate, the metronome and your performance will be in sync as the pattern repeats.

    The following variations are provided, allowing you to practice drum fill-ins as well as basic rhythm patterns.

    Play along with an automatically increasing and decreasing metronome tempo. This is a useful exercise to improve playing stamina and to increase playing proficiency at various tempos.

    You can choose from the following three variations.

    This "changing up" exercise is based on a traditional warm-up exercise. After a two measure count-in, the metronome plays through a series of note intervals or beat divisions. Each one is played for two measures before moving on to the next interval level. The exercise starts with half notes, then gradually steps through intervals to 16th-note triplets, and finally steps back to half notes again.
    The current note value will appear on the screen. Beginners will find this exercise helpful to understand the length of note values.

    This provides visual confirmation of your striking strength.

    Stroke Balance gives you the following objective evaluation of your playing:
    • The dynamic consistency of your right hand and left hand strikes.
    • How well your accents are expressed.


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