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Marching Percussion

Q.What is the difference between the Roland RMP-12 Marching Percussion and normal acoustic marching percussion?

A.Both are played with sticks, but there are some differences in the design and functions.

1) Player-Friendly Design
The RMP-12 is easy to carry due to the lightweight body (3.7 kg = 8 lbs 3 oz) and thanks to the mesh head, the acoustic noise is low and it produces less stress on your wrists and hands. Since you can connect headphones and amplifiers and control the volume, you can practice or perform for hours by protecting your ears from loud music.

2) Sound Variation
The RMP-12 provides 128 types of sound from just one unit, which allows various performance possibilities. With the tuning function in the module, you can easily adjust the pitch digitally to match any musical situation.

3) Enhanced Practice Functions
The onboard Rhythm Coach helps you build accuracy, stroke balance, speed and stamina, with various metronome sounds and practice modes.


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