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Marching Percussion

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Q.Can you replace the RMP-12’s head and hoop rubber?


Yes, you can. The RMP-12 is designed for using marching ・・・

Q.Is the RMP-12’s Rhythm Coach function same as the RMP-5 or TD-3 V-Drums sound module?


Some of the basic Rhythm Coach functions are the same such as ・・・

Q.Can you connect an external pad to the RMP-12?


No, you cannot. The RMP-12 does not have a connection jack for ・・・

Q.How can you adjust the pitch of the RMP-12?


There is no relationship between the head tension and the ・・・

Q.Is a speaker built-in to the RMP-12?


The RMP-12 does not have a speaker built-in, but it has ・・・

Q.Does the RMP-12 have enough tension on the head? Can you tension it as tight as you do in a normal acoustic marching snare?


Since the RMP-12 uses mesh head, the head cannot be tensioned ・・・

Q.How long can the RMP-12 run on batteries?


The RMP-12 uses six alkaline AA batteries. ・・・

Q.Can you hand-carry the RMP-12 or mount it onto a marching carrier to play while moving?


Yes, you can. The RMP-12 can be battery operated and it has a ・・・

Q.Can you mount the RMP-12 to a normal acoustic snare stand?


Yes, you can. Please use a snare stand that can firmly mount ・・・

Q.What is the difference between the Roland RMP-12 Marching Percussion and normal acoustic marching percussion?


Both are played with sticks, but there are some differences in ・・・

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