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Digital Grand

Q.In comparison to a conventional (acoustic) grand piano, what advantages does the RG-7 offer for permanent placement in a restaurant or hotel lobby?

A.The RG-7 offers many advantages when used as a permanently placed piano in a commercial establishment.

  1. Economical maintenance, because it never needs tuning
    The RG-7 is a digital piano, and as result, is not equipped with strings like an acoustic grand piano. Therefore, the instrument never needs tuning. If an acoustic grand piano is used in a commercial setting, it will need tuning at least six times a year, creating a considerable maintenance expense.

    Additionally, the RG-7's keyboard uses no wooden parts that are easily affected by changes in humidity. This means far less regular maintenance than would be required for an acoustic piano.
  2. Freely adjustable volume
    The RG-7's volume is as easy to adjust as the volume of a television set. If you're concerned about sound leakage to an adjoining room or building, simply turn down the piano's volume.
  3. Direct connection to a PA system or external amplification
    Professional-specification XLR output jacks are provided for easy and secure connection to external amplified speakers or a PA system. This eliminates the hassle and expense of using microphones, as you'd need to pick up the sound of an acoustic piano.
  4. Connection for a vocal mic
    A singer can connect a mic directly to the RG-7, with no other external equipment required. Digital sound effects such as echo and vocal harmony (a function that automatically adds a vocal chorus) are provided to enhance the vocal sound.
  5. A full range of player piano (automatic playback) functionality
    Sixty standard jazz and classical songs are built in, ready for automatic playback, and you can easily add more song data via USB memory or the CD drive. Additionally, the RG-7's keys move during automatic playback, adding a visual element to the performance.
  6. Download additional song data
    You can download favorite SMF data (compatible with GM format or Roland GS format) from the Internet and add songs to the RG-7.


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