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Digital Grand

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Q.Is my product compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7?


Please check the link below for the details. ・・・

Q.How can I obtain musical scores for the songs that are built into my Roland piano?


The built-in songs in Roland's digital pianos can be divided ・・・

Q.Is the RG-7's keyboard the same as the keyboard of an acoustic grand piano?


No, it is different. The RG-7 uses Roland's progressive ・・・

Q.In comparison to a conventional (acoustic) grand piano, what advantages does the RG-7 offer for permanent placement in a restaurant or hotel lobby?


The RG-7 offers many advantages when used as a permanently ・・・

Q.What are the main features of the progressive hammer action keyboard used in Roland pianos?


Roland's progressive hammer action keyboard is the result of a ・・・

Q.My Roland piano has MIDI connectors, but it's not equipped with a USB port. What equipment do I need to use my piano to record MIDI into my USB-equipped computer?


You'll need the following two items in order to record MIDI ・・・

Q.What brand of grand piano was sampled for Roland's digital pianos?


A Roland digital piano doesn't reproduce the sound of a ・・・

Q.What can I do when I connect a Roland piano to my computer?


Most Roland pianos are equipped with MIDI (Musical Instrument ・・・

Q.I understand that the keyboards on Roland's high-end digital piano models are equipped with an "escapement mechanism." What is this?


The escapement is the mechanism in a grand piano that allows ・・・

Q.On a Roland digital piano, what changes when I switch the key touch between LIGHT and HEAVY?


Adjusting the key touch changes how key velocity triggers the ・・・

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