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Digital Piano

Q.Is the RD-700SX equipped with an arpeggiator?

A.Yes. The RD-700SX is equipped with a built-in arpeggiator and 128 different arpeggio styles.

The playback of an arpeggio style can be modified with the following parameters.

Arpeggio Motif: Modifies the note playback order.
Arpeggo Zone: Selects the key zone for arpeggio playback.
Arpeggio Key Range: Specifies the key range for arpeggio playback.
Arpeggio Velocity: Specifies the overall loudness of the arpeggio.
Arpeggio Accent: Modifies the arpeggio accent level.
Arpeggio Octave Range: Determines the octave range of the arpeggio.
Arpeggio Hold: Allows the arpeggio to continue playing when one's fingers are lifted from the keys.


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