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Digital Piano

Q.Does the RD-700SX contain the same 88-key multisampled grand piano sound as the one found in the Fantom-X6/-X7/-X8/-XR?

A.Yes, it does.

Of the two 88-key multisampled grand piano sounds in the RD-700SX, one consists of the same waveform set as that provided in the Fantom-X6/-X7/-X8/-XR. However, this waveform set has been adjusted specifically for use in the RD-700SX, and there are additional differences in the adjustable parameters and analog circuitry as well. Therefore, the actual sound will be slightly different between the two instruments.

The other RD-700SX 88-key multisampled grand piano sound employs the same waveform set as that found in the SRX-11 Wave Expansion Board.
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I hear that the SRX-11’s grand piano sound uses an 88-key multisampled waveform set like that found in the RD-700SX. Do they both use the same multisampled waveforms?


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