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Digital Piano

Q.What effects are included in the RD-700SX?

A.The RD-700SX’s effects include:

  1. Multi-Effects (MFX) (125 types)
    --- Two can be used simultaneously in each zone (upper1 and upper2).
    --- Any two zones can be selected in upper1, upper2, lower1, and lower2.
    --- Two MFX can be used in tandem to achieve a more powerful effect.
  2. Chorus/Delay (3 types)
  3. Reverb (6 types)

Settings for each of the above effects can be stored as part of a Setup.
In addition, the RD-700SX provides the following two system-wide effects:

  1. Sound Control (3-band compressor)
  2. 3-band parametric equalizer


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