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Digital Piano

Q.What can you tell me about the RD-700SX's grand piano sounds?

A.The RD-700SX features two different 88-key multisampled grand piano sounds. They were developed with the aim of providing uncompromising sound quality, allowing the musician to convey every performance nuance to an audience.

For the two grand piano sounds, one uses the same waveform set as the acclaimed Fantom-X series grand piano sound, and the other uses the waveform set from the SRX-11 Wave Expansion Board. The most notable feature of these waveform sets is that they use a generous amount of memory, providing an unprecedented degree of sound realism and playing expressiveness. In each set, stereo sampling technique is applied for each of the 88 notes to express even the slightest variations between the keys. Each individual note incorporates four different waveforms, providing four-stage velocity switching during playing.

In addition to the superb grand piano sounds, the RD-700SX provides an impressive selection of electric piano, organ, drum, bass, guitar, and other instrument sounds as well. This makes the RD-700SX perfect for use in live ensemble situations with other electronic or acoustic instruments, or for MIDI and audio recording applications.

We recommend that you visit a Roland dealer to experience the wonderful and distinctive sound of the RD-700SX for yourself.


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