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Loop Station

Q.Can you explain the RC-50's tempo and phrase playback speed? Also, if I record phrases at different tempos, can I synchronize their tempos on playback?

A.When you play a phrase on the RC-50, the playback speed is determined by two parameters: the "original tempo" and the "patch tempo."

Original Tempo:
When a phrase is recorded, a tempo setting for the phrase is created automatically. This is referred to as the phrase's "original tempo."

Patch Tempo:
The "patch tempo" is the global tempo setting in the patch, and is used for the guide and the Tempo Sync function.

If you use the guide while recording a phrase, its original tempo will be set the same as the patch tempo. If you're not using the guide, the phrase's original tempo will be calculated based upon the length of the phrase and the current time signature setting. This will most likely result in an original tempo setting that is different from the patch tempo.

If you record three phrases with different original tempos, you may or may not want them to playback synchronized with each other. If you do, you can use the Tempo Sync function to synchronize phrase playback to the patch tempo setting. Tempo Sync can be switched on or off independently for each phrase.

Example: Original Tempo and Patch Tempo (tempo numbers are calculated as beats per minute, or "BPM")

(Example Patch)
Patch tempo: 120
Phrase1--- Original Tempo: 100, Tempo Sync: ON
Phrase2--- Original Tempo: 120, Tempo Sync: ON
Phrase3--- Original Tempo: 80, Tempo Sync: OFF

In the example above, each phrase will play at the following tempos:

Phrase1--- The playback will be speeded up to match the patch tempo (from 100 to 120).
Phrase2--- The playback speed will remain unchanged, because the original tempo is the same as the patch tempo (120 and 120).
Phrase3--- Because Tempo Sync is off, the playback speed will play at its original tempo (80).

Note: When a phrase's playback speed is changed using Tempo Sync, its original pitch remains unaltered.

Using an expression pedal to control the patch tempo--
If you connect a BOSS EV-5 (or similar) expression pedal to the RC-50, you can control the patch tempo value in real time during a performance. You can set maximum and minimum tempo values for the pedal range as desired.
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