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Loop Station

Q.On the RC-50, what do the terms "phrase," "patch," and "current phrase" mean?

A.The terms "phrase," "patch," and "current phrase" describe the memory organization of the RC-50.

On the RC-50, an instrumental performance you record and save is called a "phrase." A phrase contains the recorded audio data along with tempo information (the phrase's "original tempo").

An RC-50 patch consists of three phrases (Phrase 1, 2, and 3), along with up to 99 different settings that determine how the phrases are played back. The RC-50 contains 99 different patches.

Current phrase:
As stated above, an RC-50 patch contains three different phrases that can be used to record and playback audio data. To record audio in a specific phrase---or make playback settings for a specific phrase---it must first be selected with the RC-50's PHRASE 1/2/3 pedals. When a phrase is selected, it is referred to as the "current phrase."


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