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Loop Station

Q.What is the RC-50's MIDI functionality?

A.The RC-50 is equipped with MIDI IN and OUT connectors for connection to MIDI devices. Following are some of the things that can be done when the RC-50 is connected to another device via MIDI.

Synchronization of the RC-50 with an external MIDI device:
The RC-50 can transmit and receive MIDI Clock messages. This allows the RC-50's tempo to be synchronized with any external device that supports MIDI Clock communication, such as a BOSS BR-series recorder. The RC-50 can function as either the synchronization master or slave.

Additionally, the RC-50 can send and receive MIDI start and stop messages. This allows an external device to start phrase playback on the RC-50, or vice versa.

Transmit program and control change messages:
When you change patches on the RC-50, a MIDI program change message is sent to its MIDI OUT jack, allowing you to change programs on a connected external MIDI device. Program change messages 1 through 99 are transmitted, corresponding to the RC-50's 99 patches (Patch 1 sends Program Change 1, Patch 2 sends Program Change 2, and so on).

The RC-50 can also transmit MIDI control change (CC) messages when an external foot switch is connected to the CTL 1,2 PEDAL jack (transmits CC#80 and CC#81) or an expression pedal is connected to the EXP/CTL 3,4 PEDAL jack (transmits CC#7).

Receive program changes from an external MIDI device:
You can change the RC-50's patches with program change messages received from an external MIDI device.

Control other RC-50 functions from an external MIDI device that transmits MIDI control change messages:
Various RC-50 functions can be controlled by MIDI control change messages (CC#1/CC#7/CC#80) transmitted by an external device. Among these functions are phrase playback, phrase volume, patch level, patch tempo, and many more. This convenient feature allows you to control many things that would be difficult to control in real time with only the RC-50's pedals.

Advice--- The RC-50 control change functions can be set up on a system level (applied to all patches) or on a patch level (applied only to the selected patch). Patch CC settings allow for great flexibility, as you can target specific functions on a patch-by-patch basis. For example, in one patch you can set CC#80 to control the playback of a specific phrase, while in another patch CC#80 can reverse the playback of a specific phrase.


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