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Loop Station

Q.In what areas does the RC-20XL improve over the RC-20?

A.The RC-20XL provides the following improvements over the RC-20.

  1. Up to eleven different loop phrase tracks can be saved for a total time of up to sixteen minutes. (On the RC-20, the available time is five minutes and thirty seconds.)
  2. Two new edit functions - Undo (which cancels the last overdubbed phrase) and Redo (which restores a phrase cancelled with Undo) - have been added for greater phrase creation flexibility.
  3. You can now select Loop playback or One-Shot playback on each of the eleven phrase tracks. (On the RC-20, One-Shot playback is possible only on Phrase Track 1.) This allows you to create a performance using multiple One-Shot Phrases, resulting in an even broader range of expressive possibilities.
  4. To allow for more performance options, three different STOP modes are provided: Immediate Stop, Fade Out, and Play to Loop End and Stop. (The RC-20 provides Immediate Stop only.)
  5. You can use two external foot switches (optional) to increment and decrement through phrases. Additionally, you can advance to any phrase number while the current phrase is playing simply by pressing a footswitch the appropriate number of times. (The RC-20 only allows you to increment to the next phrase.)
  6. You can use external foot switches to select a phrase even while phrase playback is stopped. This makes it easy to set up the desired phrase before you begin your performance.
  7. You can choose from eight different guide tones for recording. (The RC-20 provides four different guide tones.)


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