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Loop Station

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Q.In what areas does the RC-20XL improve over the RC-20?


The RC-20XL provides the following improvements over the ・・・

Q.Can I simultaneously record sources connected to both the INST and MIC inputs on the RC-20XL/RC-20?


Yes, you can. Use the INST knob and MIC knob to individually ・・・

Q.On the RC-20XL, can I convert a Loop Phrase to a One-Shot Phrase?


Yes, you can. First, select a phrase track containing a Loop ・・・

Q.While I play the guitar, can I switch the RC-20XL's phrase playback using foot switches?


If you connect two optional foot switches (Boss FS-5U or ・・・

Q.How long will the RC-20XL run on batteries?


The RC-20XL will operate for approximately 16 hours on ・・・

Q.On the RC-20XL, I've captured a guitar phrase from a CD. Can I slow down the playback speed while keeping the same pitch so that it's easier to practice along with the phrase?


Yes. You can connect a CD/MD player to the RC-20XL and record ・・・

Q.When I overdub my guitar playing with a previously recorded phrase on the RC-20XL, can I capture only the overdub on a blank phrase track?


No, you can't. The RC-20XL blends the sound of the previously ・・・

Q.How can I change the guide tone on the RC-20XL/RC-20?


While holding down [EXIT], repeatedly press [TAP TEMPO] to ・・・

Q.Is the RC-20XL equipped with a headphone jack?


No. The RC-20XL does not provide a headphone jack for ・・・

Q.On the RC-20XL, can I record a song from a CD and then remove the main vocal or instrumental part as you would for karaoke?


The RC-20XL provides a Center Cancel function, which allows ・・・

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