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R-4 Pro

4-channel Portable Recorder and Wave Editor

Q.Can I capture audio files recorded with R-4PRO to the DV-7DL series?

A.es. You can connect R-4PRO and DV-7DL series via a USB cable to capture audio.
Be sure to record audio in the following format to capture it to DV-7DL series.
 * Wave file, 16 bits, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
 * 24bit, 96kHz

 * The system program of DV-7DL series must be Version 1.010 or later.
 * You cannot capture a 24-bit and 96KHz audio file recorded with R-4PRO to DV-7DL series Version 2.001 or earlier.
 * If The system program of DV-7DL series is not Version 1.010 or later, contact the Roland ED Customer Support Center. We offer the update CD-ROM to the registered users.
 * To check the version of DV-7DL series, select [Setting] -> [Version] on the Edit screen.
 * Audio data recorded with R-4PRO in other formats other than above cannot be captured to DV-7DL series. If you forcibly do this, an unexpected error may occur. In such a case, the consequent failure will not be covered by our warranty.


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