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24-bit WAVE/MP3 Recorder

Q.When the R-1 is in record-standby or input monitor mode, can I monitor the sound that's being processed by the mic simulator or an internal effect?

A.The R-1 allows you to monitor the sound that is being processed by the mic simulator or internal effect.

With the factory settings, the monitor output is enabled only in REC STANDBY (recording standby) mode or during recording. In the Setup Menu you can turn on the Input Monitor setting so that the monitor output will be enabled at all times.

In this case, it does not matter whether the input is the internal mic, an external mic, or line input. The output will beavailable both on the headphone jack and digital output.

If Input Monitor is set to on during playback, the unprocessed input signal from the mic or line input will also be mixed and output together with the playback. This means that the sound picked up by the internal mic may be heard together with the playback, possibly sounding like distortion. If this occurs, turn off the Input Monitor.


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