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24-bit WAVE/MP3 Recorder

Q.What does the R-1's mic simulator do?

A.The R-1's mic simulator simulates particular sound that is being picked up through one of several types of high-quality microphone regarded as "standards" in professional audio. You can choose a mic simulator from five different types of mic simulation for either the internal or external mics.

    Internal mic
  1. Small dynamic mic (distant placement)
  2. Small dynamic mic
  3. Small dynamic mic (close placement)
  4. Large condenser mic (distant placement)
  5. Large condenser mic
    External mic input
    Assuming that you have connected a standard dynamic mic
  1. Flat line input
  2. Large dynamic mic
  3. Small condenser mic
  4. Large condenser mic
  5. Vintage condenser mic
  • Each of these are simulations of mics regarded as standards in professional audio.
  • External Mic modeling settings are fine-tuned with the Roland DR-20.


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