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24-bit WAVE/MP3 Recorder

Q.What types of audio effects does the R-1 provide?

A.Here is the list of Audio Effects on the R-1.

NoEffect NameDetails
01Easy EQ 11 Presets for different musical styles
02For Speech This effect accentuates frequencies that are considered pleasant in spoken word and corrects excessively harsh sibilance such as commonly occurs when pronouncing the letter “S” or “T.”
03Voice Perform This effect allows you to adjust the pitch and formant of your cording.
04Editable EQFully adjustable 10-band EQ
05Noise ReducerEffectively reduces white noise and hiss noise in your recording
06Hum Noise CutCut out Hum noise
07ReverbAdd a sense of space to your recording through simulated reverberation.
08Int-Mic Rec.Change characteristics of built-in microphone to emulate the characteristics of many popular microphones.
09Ext-Mic Rec.Change characteristics of external microphone to emulate the characteristics of many popular microphones.
10MasteringSubtle EQ and Compression to optimize your recording.
11 Center CancelRemove sounds in the center of the stereo field. (Typically used to remove a lead vocal or lead instrument, so you can sing or play along with the background music by yourself.)
12TunerChromatic Tuner based on A=440.
13MetronomeBeat 4/4, 6/8, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4、 Tempo 30 - 280
Metronome adjustable from 30 bpm to 280 bpm with different options for meter.
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