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24-bit WAVE/MP3 Recorder

Q.I need something to record my ensemble so I can practice with the recording later by myself. It must be small and light enough to take anywhere, but durable enough to survive some neglect. Is the R-1 going to work for that?

A.The dimensions and weights of the R-1 are as follows:

99.3 (width) x 134.0(depth) x 30.2(height) mm,
from the bottom of the rubber feet to the top of the highest protruding knob)

(including 2 AA batteries and a flash card)

The R-1 comes completely equipped with a high grade built-in stereo microphone
and can run from AA batteries.
No other accessories are required for recording.
You can start recording immediately after you take it out of your bag.
No cables to connect or anything.


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