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24-bit WAVE/MP3 Recorder

Q.How is the R-1 useful for musicians?

A.The R-1 provides the following helpful functions for musicians
in addition to the recording capabilities.

The R-1 includes a Chromatic Tuner centered on A=440 to tune your instrument.

The R-1 includes a built-in metronome adjustable from 30 bpm to 280 bpm.
It also offers a different tone for the downbeat of a measure
offering a variety of time signatures.

The R-1 helps you learn fast musical phrases by allowing you to play them back at 1/2 tempo.

A/B repeat:
The R-1 allows you to set two marker points within a song & playback
just one section until you are satisfied that you are playing it right.

The TUNER and METRONOME sound will not be recorded when you use them during recording.


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