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24-bit WAVE/MP3 Recorder

Q.What is the available recording time on the R-1?

A.The recording time on the R-1 will depend on the type of file you create.

Recording Time (Min.)

(R-1 attached)
MP3 64kbps13051210404158
MP3 96kbps863416932772
MP3 128kbps652565202079
MP3 160kbps522054161663
MP3 192kbps431703461386
MP3 256kbps321282601039
MP3 320kbps26102208831
WAV 16bit52347188
WAV 24bit31531125

  • Recording times are approximate. They may be slightly different than shown here.
  • Use a memory card that has been formatted on the R-1 itself.
  • If more than one file has been recorded, the total recording time will be less than shown here.


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