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24-bit WAVE/MP3 Recorder

Q.Does the R-1 suffer from interference from vibrations or sudden shocks during Recording?

A.The R-1 is completely solid state. It records directly into compact flash.
Here are some of the advantages to recording with the R-1:

Stable and Consistent Recording
The R-1 does not have any mechanical parts to record data such as a rotating disk.
This assures you of a stable recording without skipping even when the R-1 receives a sudden jolt.

Recordings Free from “Self-Noise”
The R-1 has no motor or other mechanical parts to cause noise during the recording process.
This offers you the best in clean recording options even when using the built-in microphones
to get just the sound you are targeting.

Hold Switch to Prevent Accidental Operation
You can make all of the controls on the R-1 inactive by engaging the “Hold” function.
This is analogous to the “Lock Keypad” on a cell phone.
This assures that you won’t accidentally stop your recording or
otherwise change the state of operation for the R-1.


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