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24-bit WAVE/MP3 Recorder

Q.How long does it take to transfer a file from the R-1 to a computer and vice versa?

A.The R-1 uses a USB2.0 high-speed connection to transfer files back and forth with the computer. A 650MB recording (the standard capacity for CD’s) can be transferred bit-for-bit in just over 2 minutes. This is very convenient, considering moving the same recording from a cassette, Minidisc, or DAT would take nearly 70 minutes and require special hardware to achieve a quality recording on your computer.

Test Machine Specs:
The transmission time of the R-1 (as described above) is measured on a Pentium M1.2GH running Windows XP with 256MB of RAM. The transmission time may differ according to actual performance of PC’s and other conditions including power supply and memory-resident programs.


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