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24-bit WAVE/MP3 Recorder

Q.What advantage does the R-1 have when compared with a portable MD recorder?

A.Compared with a portable MD recorder, the R-1 has the following advantages.

  1. You can start recording at once since the R-1 incorporates built-in mics.
    Unlike a portable MD, you don't have to connect a mic and worry about mic setting before recording.
  2. You can record in CD-quality.
    By selecting 16-bit 44.1 kHz WAV data as the recording format, you can record in uncompressed CD-quality.
  3. You can use your computer to easily manage and edit files. Audio data recorded on the R-1 can be transferred to your computer via USB 2.0 or a card reader, and edited or stored.
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  4. You can apply effects while recording, or adjust the sound to get the best quality for the source you're recording.
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  5. The sound will not skip even if you touch or bump the unit during recording or playback.
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  6. Since there is no motor or any moving parts, the R-1 is more reliable than an MD recorder.
  7. You can record up to a maximum of 67 hours and 38 minutes with the R-1.
    (MP3 16-bit/64 kbps, when using a 2 GB CompactFlash card)


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