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Personal Monitor Amplifier

Q.Can I connect an electric guitar or electric bass to the PM-10?

A.The PM-10 provides two inputs: V-DRUMS and LINE. The V-DRUMS input is optimized for use with a TD-series sound module, while the LINE input provides a flat frequency response. Both inputs are designed for low-impedance, line-level signals. Each has an input sensitivity of 0 dBu and an input impedance of 20 k ohms.

If you connect an instrument with a high-impedance output--such as typical electric guitar or electric bass--directly to the PM-10, the signal will be low in volume and sound somewhat "thin." This is the result of an "impedance mismatch" between the guitar's output signal and the PM-10's low-impedance input. This problem is not limited to the PM-10; it occurs anytime a high-impedance signal is connected to a low-impedance input.

To remedy this situation, connect your guitar to an impedance-matching device such as a guitar effect (e.g., a BOSS pedal or multi-effects unit) or an impedance-matching transformer, and then connect the device's output to the PM-10's LINE input jack.

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