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Personal Monitor Amplifier

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Q.I understand that the PM-10 is a dedicated monitor amp for V-Drums. However, can I connect a CD player or keyboard at the same time as the V-Drums, using the PM-10 as a simple monitor system?


Yes, you can. The PM-10 has a dedicated V-Drums input as ・・・

Q.Can I connect an electric guitar or electric bass to the PM-10?


The PM-10 provides two inputs: V-DRUMS and LINE. ・・・

Q.I understand that the PM-10 is a dedicated monitor speaker whose sound has been optimized for V-Drums. Will I get poor sound quality if I connect a CD player to the PM-10's LINE input?


The PM-10 features two different inputs: V-DRUMS and LINE. ・・・

Q.Can I adjust the PM-10's volume and tone independently for the V-DRUMS and LINE inputs?


The PM-10 provides separate volume controls for the V-DRUMS ・・・

Q.If I use a 1/4" stereo jack to connect my CD player to the PM-10's LINE input jack, will both the left and right channels be played back in stereo?


No. The PM-10 is a monaural (mono) speaker system. If you use ・・・

Q.The PM-10 has no headphone jack. How do I practice playing the V-Drums along with a CD without disturbing others, such as during nighttime?


In this application, you don't need to use the PM-10 at all. ・・・

Q.Can I connect any equipment other than the V-Drums sound module to the PM-10's V-DRUMS input jack?


The PM-10's V-DRUMS input jack provides the same input level ・・・

Q.Can I attach the PM-10 to a tripod-type speaker stand and place it at ear height?


The PM-10 is a monitor speaker designed for floor use only. ・・・

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