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Dual-Trigger Pad

Q.The sound does not change regardless of where the pad is struck. (No response to positional sensing).

A.Position sensing is only available from the SNARE input on the TD-8, SNARE and the RIDE input on the TD-10. All trigger inputs on the TD-10 are available for positional sensing when the TDW-1 has been installed. Choose only instruments that can produce positional sensing. Refer to the owner s manual of the TD-10 and TD-8 to find the available instruments for position sensing.

In the case of the PD-120 or the PD-80/80R, adjust the tension of the head properly beforehand by viewing the Head Tension Adjustment screen. (P31 of the TD-10 owner's manual)

In the case of the PD-7/9, turn the Polarity switch to -(ROLAND). The Trigger Type (pad model name) should also be set accordingly. (P30 of the TD-10 owner's manual)


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