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MIDI Keyboard Controller

Q.I installed the driver, but can't use the device. (PCR series and other devices)

A.Did you install a MIDI or audio device several times?

In Windows XP/2000 there is a limit to the number of MIDI or audio devices that can be installed. Connecting the device to a different USB connector causes the device to be installed again. (This limit does not exist in Windows Me/98.)

If you exceed this limit, the device cannot be used even if the corresponding driver is installed. This is a limitation of Windows, and is not a problem with the driver.

If this occurs, you may be able to solve the problem by deleting the device drivers for all USB ports and PCI slots on which you installed a MIDI or audio device driver.

  1. The procedure for deleting a device driver will differ depending on the device.
  2. If you had connected your device via a USB hub, you must delete the device driver for all USB ports on which you installed the MIDI or audio device driver.
  3. If a device has a Standard driver mode and a Native driver mode, and you have installed both drivers, you must delete both of these drivers.

Since manually deleting drivers for non-present or multiply installed devices can take a considerable amount of time, we have prepared a special tool that deletes all USB MIDI/Audio drivers for Roland/Edirol/Boss products in a single operation. You can download this tool from the link below and use it on your system.

  ※ For information on deleting drivers made by other manufacturers, please contact the respective manufacturers.
※ Before you use CLEAN ALL, be sure to read the cautions and restrictions given on the download page. CLEAN ALL (USB MIDI/Audio driver removal tool for Roland/Edirol/Boss products)



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