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MIDI Keyboard Controller

Q.When I use a PCR series keyboard to play VST instruments or DXi software synthesizers, the timing of the produced sound delays when I play a key. Why is this? Can this delay be shortened?

A.Because of their nature, software synthesizers use the sound card (audio interface) of your computer to produce sound. However there is a time lag generally referred to as "latency" between the time you strike a key and the time the sound from the software synthesizer actually comes out from the sound card.

Any combination of software synthesizer and sound card will always involve some latency, but by choosing the appropriate combination and making the appropriate settings for your sound card and sequencer software, you can reduce the latency to an acceptable amount in most cases.

In general, you can reduce the latency by making the following settings.

  • Decrease the size of the audio buffer in your sequencer software.
  • Decrease the size of the buffer for your sound card.

In either case, refer to the owner's manual for your sequencer software or sound card to get specific instructions for operation.


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