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MIDI Keyboard Controller

Q.Can I use the software synthesizer included with the PC-80 as a stand-alone sound module for playing Standard MIDI Files or composing with a software sequencer?

A.Yes. The PC-80 Software Synthesizer consists of two independent sound generators: The PC-80 Synth and the PC-80 Player. Both can be used simultaneously.

The PC-80 Synth is used to play sounds in real time from the PC-80's keyboard. Separate sounds can be selected for two parts (Upper and Lower). The parts can be played independently, layered, or split.

The PC-80 Player is a 16-part GM2 sound generator that can be used as a stand-alone Standard MIDI File (SMF) player, or as a multitimbral sound source for a software sequencer. It can also be used as a sound source when playing SMFs from Windows Media Player (or other software that plays SMFs).

The PC-80 Software Synthesizer can only be used when the PC-80 is connected to the computer via USB.


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