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Q.Which brands of SD/SDHC cards are compatible with the P-10?

A.P-10 SD/SDHC Card Compatibility List

32GB (SDHC) :
Panasonic (RP-SDV32GL1K), TOSHIBA (SD-C32GT4, SD-HC032GT4)

16GB :
Panasonic (RP-SDV16GL1K, RP-SDM16GL1K, RP-SDV16GK1K, RP-SDM16GK1K), TOSHIBA (SD-HC016GT4), Kingston (SD-K16G), SanDisk (SDSDH-016G-J61)

HAGIWARA SYS-COM (HPC-SDH8GT4C), Panasonic (RP-SDV08GL1K, RP-SDM08GL1K, RP-SDV08GK1K, RP-SDM08GK1K), SanDisk (SDSDRX3-8192-903, SDSDH-008G-J61, SDSDB-8192-J95, SDSDRH-8192-903), TOSHIBA (SD-HC008GT4)

Kingston (SD2/4GBFE), Panasonic (RP-SDV04GL1K, RP-SDM04GL1K, RP-SDV04GK1K, RP-SDM04GK1K), SanDisk (SDSDRX3-4096-903, SDSDH-004G-J61, SDSDB-4096-J95, SDSDRH-4096-903, SDSDBR-4096-J85)

2GB :
Kingston (SD/2GBFE), Lexar (SD2GB-231), Panasonic (RP-SDV02GL1A, RP-SDM02GL1A, RP-SDV02GJ1A, RP-SDM02GJ1A), SanDisk (SDSDX3-2048-903, SDSDX3-002G-J21, SDSDH-002G-J61, SDSDB-2048-J95, SDSDB-2048-J60,SDSDH-2048-903, SDSDX3-2048-903), Transcend (TS2GSD150), HAGIWARA SYS-COM (HPC-SD2GT)

1GB :
I-O DATA (SD-1G), Panasonic (RP-SDV01GL1A, RP-SDM01GL1A, RP-SDV01GJ1A, RP-SDM01GJ1A), SanDisk (SDSDX3-1024-903, SDSDB-1024-J95, SDSDB-1024-J60), Transcend (TS1GSD80), Kingston (SD/1GBFE)

512MB :
Lexar (SD512-231), Panasonic (RP-SDV512J1A)

Note :
* High-speed type cards are included in this list, but the unit's read/write speeds will not be affected.
* Some cards bearing model numbers included in this list may not be usable due to differences in design specifications and usage environment. The inclusion of a model number on this list is not a guarantee that all cards bearing that number will be fully usable.


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