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Q.Which AC adaptors should I use for my Boss compact effect units?

A.There are two types of AC adaptors for use with Boss compact effect units:
The ACA-series and the PSA-series.

  • The ACA-series can supply power to only one ACA-type compact effect unit. It cannot be connected to two or more effect units.
  • The PSA-series can be supply power to one or more PSA- or ACA-type compact effect units. However, the total current consumption may not exceed 200 mA.

If using a single compact effect unit: Use the AC adaptor model specified by the label affixed beside the adaptor jack or on the bottom of the unit. (The ACA-series or PSA-series)
If using the "8-pin parallel power supply cable" (model number: PCS-20A, sold separately) with the NS-2 / LS-2 / TU-2 etc. to supply power to multiple compact effect units: Use the PSA-series adaptor. In this case, any ACA-type compact effect units included in the connection will operate normally.
If using a "DC jack <-> DC plug power supply cable If the two compact effect units you're connecting are a PSA + ACA or a PSA + PSA, you can use a single PSA adaptor with two compact effect units at the same time.
(Note: You can't connect a combination of ACA + ACA with this cable.)

  • In addition to being connected to the power supply cable, each pedal must also be connected to each other with shieleded audio cables to operate properly.
  • The PSA-xxx, PSA-xxxG, and PSA-xxxP are identical except for the model name suffix.
  • The actual model of PSA- or ACA- series adaptor will vary depending on the electrical standards of the country in which it is used. Contact a Roland dealer in your country for information.


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