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MV-8000 Version 3

Production Studio

Q.What is the MV-8000 Version 3’s new Drum Grid editing function?

A.The MV-8000 Version 3’s Drum Grid editor (Fig.1) allows you to create beats in familiar grid/matrix windows. This lets you compose visually as well as aurally, as you can see the rhythm section (vertical axis) and timeline (horizontal axis). The Drum Grid editor also allows you to edit drum patterns previously recorded using Song Mode.

The Drum Grid editor is easy to use: Just open the Drum Grid window and start overdub recording of a beat loop. Then, strike the velocity pads to record bass drum, snare drum, cymbals, and other percussion sounds one-by one.

If you have a monitor and mouse connected to an MV8-VGA-expanded MV-8000 Version 3, you can use the Drum Grid window to edit a drum pattern onscreen using the mouse. (Fig.2)


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