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Q.What kinds of effects are incorporated in the MV-8000?

A.The MV-8000 is equipped with the following effects:

  • Multi-effect (MFX): 1 (24 types)**
  • Chorus: 1 (2 types)
  • Reverb: 1 (4 types)
  • Mastering Tool Kit: 1 (only available in Mastering Mode)

**Multi-effect types:
Isolator & Filter
Center Canceller
St.Dynamics Processor
Reverb & Gate
Tape Echo 201
EZ Delay
Delay RSS
Analog Delay & Chorus
Digital Chorus
4 Button Chorus 320
Vintage Flanger 325
2 x BOSS Flanger
Stereo Pitch Shifter
80s Phaser
Stereo Auto Wah
Stereo Distortion
Radio Modeling
Lo-Fi Processor
Guitar Multi
Vocal Multi
Voice Transformer
Mic. Modeling
10 Band Vocoder


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