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Q.Where should I set the output level knob of my multieffects unit?

A.The output level knob of your multieffects unit – such as the BOSS GT-6, GT-8, etc. – adjusts its overall volume. Normally, you should set the knob at its halfway point (twelve o’clock position), and then adjust as necessary.

A Roland or BOSS multieffects unit is capable of producing a wide range of output signal levels, allowing you to properly match the input requirements of any receiving device. If the output level knob is set too high, it can overdrive the input of the guitar amp or other amplification system it’s connected to, resulting in a distorted sound. If distortion occurs, lower the multieffects unit’s output level and raise the amplifier’s master volume control to compensate. When setting volumes, it’s best to use an effects patch with a clean sound (i.e., with no distortion or overdrive effects active) as to easily identify any unintended input distortion.

The best tone quality is achieved by setting volume levels carefully. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to set the multieffects unit’s output to a level that drives the amp’s input with a strong signal, but just short of causing any input distortion. Then, use the amplifier’s master volume to control the overall stage volume.


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