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Q.What are the main differences between GT-series multieffects such as the GT-3/GT-5/GT-6/GT-8 and ME -series multieffects such as the ME-33/ME-50?

A.The GT-series multieffects units are designed provide a rich selection of professional-level effects, a high degree of sound creation flexibility, and seamless integration with other devices. You can change the connection order of the effects, and use foot pedals to control various effects parameters. Send/return jacks are provided so you can patch in external devices, and extensive MIDI capability allows for integration with other MIDI devices.

The ME-series multieffects units provide high-quality effects in an easy-to-use, portable package. Sound editing is easy and convenient, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface. They can run on batteries, making them highly portable, and the AUX IN jack allows you to practice your guitar while listening to the playback of a CD or MD player.


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